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Kim Parker, LPCC, CFT-1 is a counselor in Charleston, SC offering online counseling to adults in South Carolina and Ohio.

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Midlife Transitions Counseling

You feel stuck. You’re not where you want to be in life, but you don’t exactly know how you got here or how to get where you want to be. You’re not even sure who you are or where you’re going. You just know it’s got to be something better than this. Whether this “stuck” feeling is a result of becoming an empty nester, moving, changing jobs, retirement, health challenges, divorce, or another midlife transition, you don’t need to stay stuck forever. And you don’t need to figure it out alone.

Rediscover your identity and purpose.

Toxic Relationship Recovery

Sometimes the partner you love isn’t who you thought they were. You found yourself walking on eggshells. You felt insecure around him or her. You never knew what kind of mood he or she would be in. So you did whatever it took to keep the peace – for yourself, for your children, for your relationship. Keeping the peace worked for a while, but it started to take its toll. You became tired, unsure of yourself. Unhappy. You’re finally out of that unhealthy relationship, but you’re still trying to get your bearings. You’re learning to trust yourself again, to find out who you are, how to live without her or him. After surviving a toxic relationship, you’re ready to reset in your new life.

Therapy can help you learn to trust yourself again.

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Financial Therapy

You want to save for the future, and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor now. You have a financial planner to help you with your investment planning. But sometimes you wonder if something else is holding you back from achieving your goals. Perhaps you feel worried that you won’t have enough, even though, objectively, you have plenty saved. Or perhaps you find yourself wondering where your paycheck went, and you wish you would save more. Maybe you have mixed feelings about giving to others. Do you and your partner have differing beliefs about money, leading to conflict in your relationship?

Become comfortable with money.

It’s Time for a Life Reset.

Take control of your future with counseling in Charleston, SC.



As a counselor in Charleston, SC, I thrive on helping people who are going through midlife transitions, recovering from toxic relationships, or seeking to improve unhealthy patterns (communication, relationships, financial). A graduate of Xavier University with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I help people make conscious choices to live their best lives, and I can help you.

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The goal of Reset Counseling and Wellness is to help you move forward from relationships and beliefs that have not worked for you in the past. Whether you’re moving on from a toxic relationship, you’re battling insecurities or uncertainties that keep you feeling stuck, or you find yourself repeating patterns that don’t serve you well anymore, it’s time to leave those unhelpful people, beliefs, and patterns in your past. Uncover the strengths that have been within you all along and make the choices that are right for you, today and in the future.

Kim Parker, LPCC, CFT-1
OH E.2001923, SC 9509

Phone: (513) 505-5815
Email: Kim@ThriveCounselingWellness.com

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