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Kim Parker, LPC | Midlife Transitions, Toxic Relationships Recovery, Financial Therapy | Cincinnati OH

Hi, I’m Kim.

I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and I want to help you thrive in life.

I help adults get unstuck and make a change in their lives.

I thrive on helping people discover what’s keeping them feeling “stuck,” shedding old beliefs and patterns that no longer work for them, and uncovering their strengths so they can thrive in life. I enjoy working with adults who are ready to make a change in their life.

You can move forward in your life.

I guide my clients who are ready for change through a process of discovery so that they can move forward from relationships, beliefs, and patterns that are no longer working for them.

I know what it’s like to redesign your life after realizing you’ve been stuck in a relationship or patterns that just aren’t good for you anymore.
You have mixed emotions. After all, there were plenty of good times mixed in with the tough times. Even though you’re ready to shed the toxic stuff, it’s still hard. And scary. And even sad. But you’re tired of feeling numb. Tired of pushing all those feelings down just so you can make it through another day. You’re ready to take control of your own life and make choices that reflect who you are and who you want to be. You just don’t know how to get started.

I have been there myself.

I’ve come out the other side. And I’m thriving. I’ll walk with you on your journey of rediscovery.

You can thrive.

Yes, you could read some self-help books, watch some inspirational TED Talks, talk to a friend. Those are all great resources and I encourage you to use them! But don’t stop there. My goal is to provide you with compassion and support, combined with clinical knowledge and professional expertise, to help you discover truths about yourself you were afraid to face alone. And by the way, those truths aren’t just the unhelpful beliefs and patterns; they’re also your strengths and skills that may have become buried as you were trying to survive each day. Let’s uncover those together, dust off the good things, and bring them to the light of day!

Professional Bio

The basic stuff:

    • B.S. & M.S. from The Ohio State University
    • M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University
    • Experienced in working with abuse survivors

The interesting stuff:

  • Mother of three young adult children, who are all thriving in their own ways, despite two of them experiencing multiple medical challenges early in life
  • Shifted career trajectory in mid-life (scary! and exciting!), after navigating some difficult life events and discovering that my passion for helping others was a perfect fit for a counseling career
  • Divorced in mid-life (also scary! and liberating!), necessitating many logistical life changes and self-exploration
  • Small business owner, which has enabled me to experience the many joys and challenges of being the decision-maker – experiences that have taught me that I have many strengths and skills that had been buried under my fears and insecurities earlier in life
  • Thriver!

Ready to thrive in life?

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The goal of Reset Counseling and Wellness is to help you move forward from relationships and beliefs that have not worked for you in the past. Whether you’re moving on from a toxic relationship, you’re battling insecurities or uncertainties that keep you feeling stuck, or you find yourself repeating patterns that don’t serve you well anymore, it’s time to leave those unhelpful people, beliefs, and patterns in your past. Uncover the strengths that have been within you all along and make the choices that are right for you, today and in the future.

Kim Parker, LPCC, CFT-1
OH E.2001923, SC 9509

Phone: (513) 505-5815
Email: Kim@ThriveCounselingWellness.com

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