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Understand your emotions around money with online financial therapy.

Are your emotions around money causing you stress?

  • Is money the primary topic that you and your partner argue over?
  • Are you making financial decisions about saving, spending, investing, and giving based on fear?
  • Are you finding that you make financial choices based on your parents’ choices, and wondering if there’s a different way that’s better for you?

You earn a good salary, you have money in the bank, you have nice things. Yet you feel uneasy about where you stand financially. You save, but fear that there’s never enough money, so you hold off on making expenditures that can bring you joy. Or you feel guilt about how much money you make compared to others, so you find that you compensate by being overly generous with treating others, and you’re starting to worry that you’re not saving enough for your own future. Or, as much as you’d like to budget your spending, you find your good intentions going out the window as soon as you lay eyes on that new iPhone that just came out. You find that you and your spouse are arguing more than before, and it’s mostly about money. You want to feel at peace with your financial choices.

Something is Holding You Back

You’re not sure how to tackle these issues. You have a financial planner, and they advise you about your investments, but you still have a sense of unease that you can’t quite define. And you don’t want to keep arguing with your partner about money. In other aspects, you have a good relationship. You just want to enjoy your life together, without all this money tension. So if your financial planner isn’t the right person to talk to about this, then who is? You’re not alone in not knowing who to turn to, to help you move past these money obstacles.

Financial Therapy Can Help

A therapist can help you see that money isn’t only about finances—it’s about emotions. And we all have emotional patterns that guide our financial decision making. Sometimes those patterns are useful and healthy; other times, they get in the way. Financial therapy will help you understand your beliefs and emotions around money, free yourself of the beliefs and emotional patterns that aren’t working for you, and thrive financially. I will listen nonjudgmentally to your concerns, and guide you through the process of discovering how your beliefs and emotions around money shape your financial decisions.

Some Concerns You May Have About Financial Therapy

  • Why should I see a therapist about money, when I already have a financial planner? I will not give you financial advice, or help you determine where to put your investments. That’s how your financial planner can help you. My role as a therapist is to help you discover how your beliefs and emotions around money shape your financial decision making. I will help you uncover and address your core fears so that they no longer control your money decisions.
  • Will a therapist help me make or save more money? I wish I could control the money markets and make us all lots of money! I can’t do that, but I can indirectly help you make and save money by helping you see how your beliefs and emotions about money may be holding you back.
  • Can my spouse and I come to therapy together? Yes, you and your spouse can attend therapy together to uncover each of your sets of money beliefs and emotions, and learn how to communicate about financial decisions while honoring each others’ money emotions.

You Can Thrive Financially

You can free yourself from the stress, guilt, and anxiety around money by understanding your beliefs and emotions. If you would like to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation for financial therapy, please reach out to me today.


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